Yoga Teacher    •    Producer of Podcasts    •    Artist

Edward is the Producer and Host of the Podcast To Be A Yogi which is dedicated to bringing the Worldwide Yoga Community together. He also teaches the Power Yoga class at Crunch Fitness on Sunset Boulevard every Friday at 5pm.

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Edward produces and hosts several Podcasts in addition to To Be A Yogi. The Esoterinerd Podcast explores many and various forms of Mysticism, Magic, and Esoterica. Better Ways is focused on finding solutions to the problems of the world. Gwydion's Astral Podcast and Sonnet1 are experimental and artistic. New World Empire and The Interdimensional Coffeehouse are original Sci-Fi. Coffee & Fireworks tells the story of a trip across Japan, and in irl pokes fun at Conspiracy Theorists and Fake News.

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Edward is an Author, Poet, Painter, Movie Maker, Graphic Artist, and Musician.

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