Edward Reib Yoga


My name is Edward Reib. I am a Yoga teacher in Los Angeles, California. I specialize in teaching alignment-based Vinyasa-Flow and Power Yoga. I have just over 400 hours of Yoga teaching experience.

I am available to teach Yoga anywhere in the Greater Los Angeles Area whether you are an individual, a couple, a small group, or a business seeking a teacher for your employees during their lunch break. I am also available to teach at your studio as a sub or otherwise.

From this page you can find my scheduled group Yoga classes, or schedule an appointment with me. I have also interviewed high profile Yoga teachers such as Ashok Malhotra, Julie Kirkpatrick, and Jeanne Heileman on my Educational Podcast called To Be A Yogi with the purpose of increasing knowledge on the subject for myself as well as sharing the information freely with the public.

My classes are both challenging and meditative. I combine detailed instruction with an emphasis on mindfulness.

May all Beings be happy.
May all Beings be serene.
May all Beings be in peace.