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In 2001, Edward Reib began using the Pseudonym "Gwydion" when being creative and writing Poetry and such. Some of said poetry can be found on a Blog called Gwydion's Astral Coffeehouse. There is also a FaceBook group connected to this Blog (but doesn't know it) called Gwydion's Astral Coffeehouse.

(Note: Neither of these are to be confused with either Gwydion's Astral Podcast or The Interdimensional Coffeehouse, though they are all related.)

As Edward types these words, he is getting tired of referring to himself in the third person, and so I'll now begin doing so in the first. I consider my Podcasts to be a kind of Art, and it has been my primary medium for the past few years. Prior to that, I produced Short Films and Music Videos. For example...

"Revolution #9 1/2 Weeks"
by Cosmo Topper

"Floods, Fires, and Liars"
by Melissa Mednick

"One Day"
by IXth Key

Click here for Gwydion's Artwalk Videos

In 2007, I began using a split-screen to make "Gwydion" into a distinct and separate character from "Edward". Then, Gwydion and his "creator" Edward would argue and struggle for power over their shared body and, thus, the authorship of the videos. Then in 2015 Edward gave Gwydion his own Podcast called Gwydion's Astral Podcast. There Gwydion recites his poetry, argues with Edward, and has introduced a few additional characters as well.

"The Noosphere"

Much of my visual art is created using Paint Shop Pro version 6.02. This one in particular uses symbolism derived from the Hermetic Kabbalah to symbolically illustrate a concept put forth by Jesuit Teilhard de Chardin of the mystical evolution and awakening of a sort of global brain.


Inspired by watching old KQED Episodes of Alan Watts, I've taken several hundred photos in a series called "Li" to emphasize a concept found in Neo-Confucian Chinese philosophy. It refers to the underlying reason and order of nature as reflected in its organic forms.

I also use GW-Basic in Screen 9 (Retro AF) to create visual effects. With 5 simple lines of code running in a loop, some pixels will light up and others won't. Sometimes it looks like this:

Then, if you change one variable slightly, it ends up looking like this:

"Janey Mae"

I also regularly attend life drawings. These are mixed media charcoal and ink sketches of model Janey Mae Presley.

I also work a bit with acrylic paint on canvas...


This depicts a westward looking view of Kaldi in South Pasadena, The Heninger House, Forest Lawn, and Griffith Observatory were the Pacific Ocean to rise substantially.


The Moon Card based on a combination of Book T symbolism and personal experience.

"Warrior Priestess"

This is from a photo-shoot called "Warrior Priestess" with model Janey Mae Presley. In keeping with the theme of The L.A. Sanctuary "Where East meets West" she is shown here between the pillars of Yakin and Boaz in front of two kakejikus, holding a kongō (vajra/dorje) and a symbol of the dharma.

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