Edward is known as V.H. Frater B.T. (or "Very Honoured Frater Ben Tipharet") among certain Western Ceremonial Magicians, and among The New Aquarians he is called Pymander Aquarian or:

Since January of 1998, Edward has provided weekly classes out of his home. He teaches traditional Golden Dawn* as well as Gardnarian Wiccan Ceremonial Magic, Tarot, Astrology, Geomantic Divination, Tree of Life Pathworking, and many other things. At first these gatherings were done in the name of Hermanubis, then The Phoenix. Later, it was The Sanctuary of Hermes Trismegistus. These days, it is simply known as The L.A. Sanctuary:

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More recently, in August of 2014, Edward began a Podcast called V.H. Frater B.T.'s Esoterinerd Podcast for the purpose of interviewing teachers and fellow students of Esoterica and building bridges of communication, mutual respect, and understanding between widely varying schools of thought, from the obscure to the mainstream:

VH Frater BT's

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* Please note that the phrase "Golden Dawn" refers to a particular gathering of Esoterinerds in Victorian England and/or to the system of Magic which they practiced and is in no way related to the much more recent Greek political organization which, quite unfortunately, has decided to use the same name.

Feel free to contact B.T. by email at vh.frater.bt@gmail.com and to add him on any of the following: