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To Be A Yogi is a Podcast dedicated to bringing the worldwide Yoga community together. It features interviews with authors, teachers, and other practitioners of Yoga, discussing the history of Yoga, its various forms, teaching Yoga, Yoga philosophy, and other related subjects.

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Episode 38: Matthew Remski

[01:27:30]  July 30th, 2020

Edward interviews Matthew Remski, author of Practice And All Is Coming: Abuse, Cult Dynamics, And Healing In Yoga And Beyond. Matthew is also co-creator and co-host of Conspirituality Podcast, which examines the toxic ties between right-wing conspiracism and New Age utopianism.

In this episode, Matthew and Edward discuss cults and cult-like environments in the Yoga community, as well as Conspiracy Theorism, the rejection of modern Science and Medicine, and the influence of QAnon in the Yoga, New Age, and Wellness communities.

Episode 37: Master Santosh Kumar

[01:12:11]  November 5th, 2019

Edward and Priyal Reib interview Master Santosh Kumar, the Founder of Yoga Darshanam in Gokulam, Mysore, India, regarding Teaching Yoga, Yoga Sadhana, and B.K.S. Iyengar.

Episode 36: Krystal Ariel & Israel Pasos Peña

[01:05:44]  March 12th, 2018

Edward Reib interviews Krystal Ariel & Israel Pasos Peña in Mexico City, the co-founders of Kiva Yoga Institute, regarding Yoga, El Camino Rojo, Ayurvedic Medicine, Medicinal Herbs and other plants, Shamanism, the Psychedelic Experience, Project Green Hope, and their upcoming workshops In Spain and Thailand.

Episode 35: Kanchan Thagunna

[00:50:15]  February 17th, 2018

Edward Reib interviews Kanchan Thagunna, owner of Charak Yoga in Thamel Kathmandu Nepal, regarding Traditional versus Westernized Yoga, Shiva, Ayurveda, Tantra, and Jagannath Yoga Ashram in Baitadi Nepal.

Episode 34: Tiffany Aiyana Aguila

[00:54:38]  December 12th, 2017

Edward Reib interviews Aiyana (Tiffany Aguila) from Kanaka (New Caledonia) regarding Omkala Healthy Food, Yoga, Tantra, and Dimethyltryptamine.

Episode 33: Dianne Bondy

[00:34:02]  September 13th, 2017

Edward Reib discusses Yogasteya, Yoga for All Shapes Sizes and Abilities, Yoga for All Training, Yogaville Virginia and Sri Swami Satchidananda, Bikram and other Hot Yoga, Online Yoga, and Body Positivity with Dianne Bondy.

Episode 32: Charlotte Ái Nguyen

[00:57:30]  September 7th, 2017

Edward Reib discusses Meditation, Mindfulness, Buddhism, Activism, Thich Nhat Hanh, and The Mindful Revolution Summit with Charlotte Ái Nguyen.

Episode 31: Kari Wilkinson

[00:22:38]  August 3rd, 2017

Edward Reib interviews a fellow aspiring Yogi, Kari Wilkinson.

Episode 30: Maja Pakić

[00:41:35]  July 5th, 2017

Edward Reib interviews Maja Pakić regarding Meditative Creative Writing, Kundalini Yoga, Sat Nam Rasayan, Body Image and Eating Disorders, and her upcoming book: Sociology of the Present: Yoga and Social Change.


Arielle Miller-Cohen - The Girl With Purple Hair • Silverlake, California
Ashok Malhotra - SUNY Oneonta • Oneonta, New York
Charlotte Ái Nguyen - Get Free • Mindful Revolution • Los Angeles, CA
Chitta Lakshmi Narasimha Prasad - Visakhapatnam, India
Christelle Reigner - Rise Yoga HB • Huntington Beach, California
Darya Orion - Алхимия Жизни • Sherman Oaks California
Dianne Bondy - Yogasteya • Yoga for All • Toronto, Canada
Hannah Skye Wenzel - Namaste Highland Park • Los Angeles, California
Israel Pasos Peña - Kiva Yoga Institute • Mexico City, Mexico
Jamie Guerin- Bhavasfest
Jeanne Heileman- Tantra Yoga Flow
Jessica Sayre- Source Yoga • Cleveland, Ohio
Julie Kirkpatrick - Jivamukti Yoga • New York City, New York
Jyoti Simodi - Dharma Sound • Seattle, Washington
Kanchan Thagunna - Charak Yoga • Kathmandu, Nepal
Kate Campbell - "My Story - A Path to Hope"
Kari Wilkinson - Georgia / Hawaii
Katherine Russ - Yoga Magick
Krystal Ariel - Kiva Yoga Institute • Mexico City, Mexico
Lily Lucia - Unstoppable Goddess
Lindsey Kimura - Hot8Yoga • Crunch Fitness • Los Angeles, CA
Maria Zavala - Yogaworks • Los Angeles, California
Meg Camanzo - The Mermaid Yogi
Nick Manci - Mind Body Resilience Training • Sedona, Arizona
Niraj Shah - The Present of Yoga • London, United Kingdom
Nita Marvelous - El Reino de Nita
Peter DeBellis - Seventh Chakra • Huntington Beach, California
Priya Jain - Seventh Chakra • Huntington Beach, California
Robert Sturman - Yoga Photographer
Santosh Kumar - Yoga Darshanam • Mysore, India
Shikhar Bhardwaj - Yoga MyWay • Delhi, India
Skye Noel - Full Circle Yoga • Venice, California
Stephanie Tencer - Studio Po • Toronto, California
Tiffany Aiyana Aguila - Omkara Yoga NC • New Caledonia
Yogesh Wankhede (1) - Dombivali, India
Yogesh Wankhede (2) - Dombivali, India
Yogesh Wankhede (3) - Dombivali, India
Yogesh Wankhede (4) - Dombivali, India

"Our beloved Edward is contributing such high efforts in getting together the widespread high HRD amongst a limited honourable and respected yogis to a single platform who felt the vital need of bringing all these to a single book, an international book, stands worthwhile towards human welfare for all the times, in all the countries. Personally I feel him, our Edward, who is just like Brahmarshi Ved Vyas who, once upon a time thousands and thousands of years back collected thousands of different Veda literature from book and corner of the world, compiled and arranged them (thousands and thousands of verses) by categorizing, hence we have Vedas with us!"

- Chitta Lakshmi Narasimha Prasad

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