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Episode 29: Stephanie Tencer

[00:32:26]  February 25th, 2017

Edward Reib & Lindsey Kimura interview Stephanie Tencer at Studio Po in Toronto Canada regarding Iyengar Yoga, Yoga for back issues, and developing a home Yoga practice.

Episode 28: Dr. Yogesh Wankhede #4

[00:38:44]  January 22nd, 2017

Edward Reib and Lindsey Kimura interview Dr. Yogesh Wankhede at Himalayan Deurali Resort regarding Ayurvedic cooking and massage for healthy infants and toddlers.

Episode 27: Lindsey Kimura

[00:35:38]  January 14th, 2017

Edward Reib and Lindsey Kimura discuss Bikram and other Hot Yoga, the ancient origins of Pole Fitness, the Pole Championship Series, teaching Yoga and Pole at Crunch Fitness and Hot8Yoga, Yin Yoga, Ayurveda, as well as Reiki and Energy Healing in general.

Episode 26: Kate Campbell

[00:15:36]  January 9th, 2017

Edward interviews Kate Campbell regarding Yoga for recovery from severe injuries, transformative near-death experience, and teaching Yoga in the Samoan Islands for Australian Survivor.

Episode 25: Niraj Shah

[00:26:34]  December 22nd, 2016

Edward Interviews Niraj Shah, founder of The Present Of Yoga.

Episode 24: Dr. Yogesh Wankhede #3

[00:22:12]  December 11th, 2016

Dr. Yogesh Wankhede returns to talk about some Ayurvedic recipes and Vipassana Meditation.

Episode 23: Jeanne Heileman

[00:41:03]  September 7th, 2016

Edward interviews Jeanne Heileman regarding Concentration, Meditation, and Tantra Flow Yoga.

Episode 22: El Reino de Nita

[00:21:41]  August 24th, 2016

Edward interviews Nita Marvelous at El Reino de Nita regarding Ashtanga Yoga.

Episode 21: Skye Noel

[00:21:13]  August 17th, 2016

Edward interviews Skye Noel at Full Circle Venice regarding Yoga, Reiki Healing, and The Alexander Technique.

Episode 20: Chitta Lakshmi Narasimha Prasad

[00:33:28]  August 4th, 2016

Edward interviews Chitta Lakshmi Narasimha Prasad regarding the scientific systems coded in the Bharathiya Vedas and Upanishaths, especially the Yogasikhopanishath, Yogachudamani Upanishath, and Samdilya Upanishaths.

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