Pre-Sectarian Early

In the earliest days of the original Buddhist Sangha, the rules and the teachings were given by Lord Buddha, and regularly recited by the orders of monks and nuns to remember them. These were eventually written down in the canonical language, which has come to be known as "Pali."

These rules and teachings are referred to as "Tipitaka," meaning "Three Baskets." Later, they were translated into Sanskrit and distributed more widely, "Tripitaka" being the Sanskrit name.

In Buddhist Books Podcast, the English translation of "Tipitaka" is currently being recited aloud, and will likely take several years to complete.

in 2021, Edward recited Dhammapada, probably the best known portion of the Tipitaka. It is part of the Sutta Pitaka, or “Basket of Discourse." In 2022 he began reciting the whole Tipitaka starting with the Vinaya Pitaka, or "Basket of Discipline."



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