TIPIṬAKA - Part 24:
Suttavibhaṅga, Saṅghàdisesa VIII

[01:05:18]  July 7th, 2022

This is Part 24 of my recital of the "Tipiṭaka," the "Three Baskets" of pre-sectarian Buddhism, as translated into English from the original Pali Language.

In this episode, we'll continue reading "Saṅghàdisesa," the second part of "Suttavibhaṅga," which is the first part of the "Vinaya Piṭaka," the first of the three "Piṭaka," or "Baskets."

"Suttavibhaṅga" means "Rule Analysis," and "Saṅghàdisesa" literally means "Formal Meeting," referring to the meeting of the monks which must occur if a monk breaks one of these rules. During the meeting, the monk must admit in front of everyone that they broke the rule, and they are then considered on probation, and to be starting over at the beginning of their journey toward enlightenment.

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