Vajrayana Buddhism

Vajrayana Buddhism was a development upon Mahayana Buddhism. Likely before the 7th century CE, the Tantric movement in India became incorporated into Mahayana Buddhism. Generally, Tantric practices include chanting mantras, the use of mudras in meditation, bells, incense, and things like that.

There are many and various lineages of Vajrayana Buddhism, and a vast quantity of teachings. In Buddhist Books Podcast, Edward will feebly attempt to at least scratch the surface of this vast tradition in one lifetime after reciting Tipitaka, many Mahayana Sutras, and the commentaries of the Theravadin scholar-monks.

In the meantime, every tenth episode includes a recital from "The Life and Liberation of Padmasambhava," and there are also videos in which he visits several Tibetan Vajrayana Temples in Northeast India which you can find here:

The Life & Liberation of

Northeast India - Part 1

Northeast India - Part 2

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