Carl Jung's Black Books

In which we read Carl Jung's Black Books.

Part 1

Edward introduces Chicken Philosophy, the MINIK, and himself.

Part 2

On the intoxication of Dan Harmon’s Story Circle.

Part 3

Carl Jung meets his Anima & Edward meets Baggit.

Part 4

Freud mocks Jung & Edward pledges never to be serious.

Part 5

Toni Wolff & The Gnostic Christian Pagan Augustinian experiment.

Part 6

Jiminy Cricket & the subsoil of the collective unconscious.

Part 7

Edward goes on a long tangent, and chants some Carl Jung.

Part 8

Edward apologizes for episode 7, and reads some Carl Jung.

Part 9

Carl Jung, Spiritualism, and Prophecy.

Part 10

Non-Sexual Psychic Energy

Part 11

Vacuumin’ Consciousness

Part 12

Accepting the Irrational

Part 13

Individuation: The Newly Appearing God

Part 14

The Eternal Mind’s Eternal Recreation

Part 15

Daimons, Deamons, Demons, and Damons

Part 16

The “I,” the Self, the Soul, and Consciousness

Part 17

Quasi-Alchemy, Quasi-Religion, Quasi-Quasi

Part 18

Carl Jung wrestles vigorously with his inner Arab.

Part 19

Mr. Wednesday visits Carl Jung in the ’20s.

Part 20

The Sun & The Bankruptcy of American Civilization

Part 21

Primitive Cults & The Giant who turned into an Egg

Part 22

The Red Book, the Vault, and The Invocation of the Alan One

Part 23

Edward catches you up regarding the month-long gap between episodes, and reads a bit.

Part 24

Carl Jung gets his noir sleaze on, and Edward has a new hat.

Part 25

Trigger Warning: The phrase "Trigger Warning" will be used in this episode's description.

Part 26

The new host introduces himself and Carl Jung goes full Chinese.

Part 27

Special guest appearance, and Jung gives his famous Kundalini Yoga lecture.

Part 28

In which Jung hangs from Yggdrasil for nine days so Larry can become a Librarian.

Part 29

Gwydion learns a new word, Jung gets into his mandalas, also Sonnet1 gets a cameo.

Part 30

Gwydion finishes the first of Carl Jung's Black Books, and shares a flawless loophole.

Part 31

Gwydion pulls a rune, and Carl Jung writes love letters to his long-lost Soul.

Part 32

Gwydion celebrates the 32nd episode while Jung is still confused about his Soul.

Part 33

In which Pymander reads about some of Carl Jung's dreams.

Part 34

BT pulls a rune, and some other things, and reads about Carl Jung in hell.

Part 35

In which Carl Jung tries to strangle his soul.

Part 36

In which Carl Jung dreams of the head of John the Baptist.

Part 37

BT & Pymander pull some stuff, and Carl Jung's weird demonic love-affair turns incestuous.

Part 38

In which the twin serpents fight and Salome tells Carl Jung he's Jesus.

Part 39

In which Carl Jung meets The Red Knight.

Part 40

In which Carl Jung frees his soul from the form of a medieval inn-keeper's daughter.

Part 41

In which BT finishes reading Volume 2 of Carl Jung's Black Books.

Part 42

Gwydion begins book three and Carl Jung meets his inner Anchorite.

Part 43

In which Edward says goodbye, for now...

Part 44

In which Carl Jung meets Death, I think.

Part 45

In which Stan Red Man and Oliver Anchorite can only agree on one thing: It's all Carl Jung's fault!

Part 46

In which Carl Jung accidentally sends Gilgamesh into profound existential depression.

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