Martin Luther

In which we read and comment on The Ninety-Five Theses and Other Writings by Martin Luther.

Part 1

In which Edward initiates the new section... book... recital... playlist... thingy on Chicken Philosophy.

Part 2

In which Gwydion is so forlorn that Pymander takes his place, and tries really hard to take Martin Luther seriously.

Part 3

In which BT attempts to accept and forgive his inner Martin Luther.

Part 4

In which Martin Luther makes the guy from The Pet Shop Boys sad.

Part 5

In which Martin Luther becomes cool and progressive, kinda.

Part 6

In which Gwydion accidentally becomes a Bodhisattva.

Part 7

In which Martin Luther believes more boldly than he sins.

Part 8

In which Martin Luther kinda sorta almost condemns the destruction of churches and icons by the early Protestants.

Part 9

In which Pymander both does and does not shout at the sunrise from the mountain top.

Part 10

In which Martin Luther declares that the idol issue should not be an issue.

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