Meccan Revelations

In which we read كِتَابُ الفُتُوحَاتِ المَكِّيَّة by أبو عبد الله محـمـد بن عربي الطائي الحاتمي.

Part 1

In which Edward begins reading كِتَابُ الفُتُوحَاتِ المَكِّيَّة by أبو عبد الله محـمـد بن عربي الطائي الحاتمي.

Part 2

Once upon a time in an oasis of civilized diversity sandwiched between a crusade and a Mongol horde...

Part 3

In which Edward, or maybe Gwydion, has a little wine and reads some Hafiz.

Part 4

In which Gwydion attempts to set intellect aside and has a cup of coffee.

Part 5

In which Gwydion joins the Cult of Emperor Akbar.

Part 6

In which Gwydion invokes BT and finishes reading the introduction.

Part 7

Muhammadan Christ-Consciousness Theomorphism-Reality, and Rick Sanchez.

Part 8

Temporally originated Gwydion expounds upon the eternal existent, with a little help from Ibn Arabi.

Part 9

Gwydion reads some light dancing in the Dust.

Part 10

Gwydion reads about the seven ancient planets according to Sufism, then responds to a heckler.

Part 11

In which Pymander gets in touch with his inner Zensunni Wanderer... Dune, anyone? It makes more sense if you've read the prequels.

Part 12

In which BT and psychedelic stereo instructions become sweet lovers.

Part 13

In which Edward has a coffee and Pymander has a cameo appearance.

Part 14

In which Gwydion feebly attempts to use a green screen.

Part 15

In which BT becomes The Floating Egghead of the West.

Part 16

In which Edward compares and contrasts the Mahdi, from the Islamic apocalypse prophecy, and Paul "Muad'dib" Atreides, from Frank Herbert's "Dune."

Part 17

In which BT proclaims the dawning of a new era for Chicken Philosophers.

Part 18

In which Gwydion becomes one of Mahdi's little helpers, and I don't mean the pill. It's a... Stones reference. Never mind.

Part 19

In which Edward goes panning for psychedelic fool's gold on the river banks of Sharia law.

Part 20

In which Jim Morrison makes a cameo.

Part 21

Kyle MacLachlan, hippies on acid, 19th century apocalypse nuts, and you.

Part 22

The Islamic Messiah, Danny Elfman, and Our Lady of Shillong, Meghalaya.

Part 23

In which BT suspends the ol' post-WW1 disbelief.

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