The DNA Alphabet
& The Pentagrammaton

(Disclaimer: Let me put it this way... In the tradition of Isaac Newton, in developing this DNA Alphabet I have combined Medieval/Renaissance era Alchemical mumbo-jumbo with actual clear-headed Science. If that is something that interests you, read on.)

The Pyrimidines Uracil, Thymine, and Cytosine each have a hexagon as their central structure, making them for our purposes Solar and active in nature.

The Purines, Adenine & Guanine, each have as their central structures a hexagon and a pentagon connected, as if signifying the Alchemical Marriage of Sol and Luna. They are therefore relatively Lunar and passive in nature.

In The DNA Alphabet, Thymine is attributed to the Spirit element, as it is the only Nucleic Acid which does not leave the Nucleus, reminiscent of how Spirit remains aloof and invisible to the senses.

It is replaced by fellow Pyrimidine Uracil in the mRNA molecules which exit this perhaps Yetziratic Nucleus to the world of action, Assiah, where they meets the Ribosomes to construct Enzymes, Peptides, and other Protein "Words" out of Amino Acid "Letters".

Therefore, as Fire is the highest of the 4 Elements in Tetragramaton, it is fitting that Uracil would correspond with Fire, since it is the one which Nature hath found worthy to stand in for the Thymine of Spirit, even as the "Tongues of Fire" were said to have descended from Heaven on the day of Pentecost.

Uracil and Thymine both bond with Adenine, so it is fitting that Adenine would correspond with Water, as Fire and Water are in a sense opposites, and it is through "Water and Spirit" that one must be "Born Again".

Since Cytosine is an active Pyrimidine, and its partner Guanine is a passive Purine, it stands to reason that the remaining active element, Air, must correspond with Cytosine, and Guanine would then correspond with Earth.

This reasoning is the basis behind the placement of the Nucleic Acids on the equal-armed cross of the elements in The DNA Alphabet.

Fire is placed at the top of the equal-armed cross, and its partner, Water, is placed at the bottom. Air is placed on the left side as you are facing the symbol, Earth is on the right, which for the symbol itself is reversed, putting Air on its own right, an active position, and Earth on the left.

(A similar phenomenon occurs when facing a diagram of The Tree of Life: Geburah appears to be on the left side, while Chesed in on the right. However, when The Tree of Life is attributed to one's own body, Geburah is on the right hand, or shoulder, and Chesed is on its left.)

Now that all of that is as clear as mud, I have to throw one final monkey wrench into the whole thing. Everything I've said on this page is referring to the helix from which the mRNA is drawn, and every time the DNA sequence is spoken of in modern science, in terms of the amino acid sequences, it is the Codons of the mRNA which are considered.

Therefore, in the explanation of the derivation of the Letters of The DNA Alphabet, it is the opposites in each pair which are placed in these positions. So, when it comes to the mRNA, Adanine is placed at the top in the position of Fire, Uracil on the bottom in the position of Water, Guanine is on the left in the position of Air, and Cytosine is on the right in the position of Earth, as shown below:

To learn about the Letters of The DNA Alphabet, Click Here.

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