The DNA Alphabet

These Letters are created using the centuries old method of deriving sigils from Magical Squares, or from the Rose Cross, in a way which expresses the meaning and purpose of each Codon, or set of 3 Base Pairs of Nucleic Acids on the DNA. The same Alphabet would apply to even the Nucleotide sequence of the RNA of the simplest of lifeforms, including viruses. If you're unfamiliar with this type of sigil, basically you start with the circle and end with the perpendicular line. Don't worry, you'll catch on quickly.

To make it simple, and compatible with the way this is expressed by modern science, I'll speak in terms of the mRNA or Messenger RNA, the code sequences which actually interact with the Ribosomes to produce each Amino Acid chain.

So, that said, the top point of the + symbol represents Adanine (A). The bottom represents Uracil (U). The right represents Cytosine (C). The left represents Guanine (G).

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The DNA Letters are shown here Alphabetically by the name of the Amino Acid. There is a kind of DNA-Alphabetical order as well, Click Here to see them listed according to that.

Note that the colors of the 4 Nucleic Acids on the image above refer to those to which each of them bond. In other words, the mRNA's Cytocine is depicted here as green because of the DNA's Guanine from which it was copied through the bonding of pairs. For a too-in-depth explanation about this, Click Here.


In other words, there are 4 Codons (sets of 3 Nucleotides) which each result in Alanine:

GCA (left right top), GCU (left right bottom), GCG (left right left), and GCC (left right right).


Meaning there are 6 Codons which produce Arginine:

AGA (top left top), AGG (top left left), CGA (right left top), CGU (right left bottom), CGG (right left left), and CGC (right left right).


There are only 2 Codons which produce Asparagine:

AAU (top top bottom), and AAC (top top right).


2 Codons produce Aspertate:

GAU (left top bottom), and GAC (left top right).


2 Codons produce Cysteine:

UGU (bottom left bottom), and UGC (bottom left right).

Glutamate (Glutamic Acid)

2 Codons produce Glutamate:

GAA (left top top), and GAG (left top left).


2 Codons produce Glutamine:

CAA (right top top), and CAG (right top left)


4 Codons produce Glycine:

GGA (left left top), GGU (left left bottom), GGG (left left left), and GGC (left left right).


2 Codons produce Histidine: CAU (right top bottom), and CAC (right top right)


3 Codons produce Isoleucine:

AUA (top bottom top), AUU (top bottom bottom), and AUC (top bottom right).


6 Codons produce Leucine:

UUA (bottom bottom top), UUG (bottom bottom left), CUA (right bottom top), CUU (right bottom bottom), CUG (right bottom left), and CUC (right bottom right).


2 Codons produce Lysine:

AAA (top top top), and AAG (top top left).


Only 1 Codon produces Methionine: AUG (top bottom left).

It is also the same Codon which indicates the beginning of an Amino-Acid Chain, or Word. When used as the START command, it does not also mean Methionine. If the Word actually needs to start with a Methionine, this Letter will be written twice in a row.
Thus, it is either Methionine or START.


2 Codons produce Phenylalanine:

UUU (bottom bottom bottom), and UUC (bottom bottom right).


4 Codons produce Proline:

CCA (right right top), CCU (right right bottom), CCG (right right left), and CCC (right right right).


6 Codons produce Serine:

AGU (top left bottom), AGC (top left right), UCA (bottom right top), UCU (bottom right bottom), UCG (bottom right left), and UCC (bottom right right).


4 Codons produce Threonine:

ACA (top right top), ACU (top right bottom), ACG (top right left), and ACC (top right right).


Only 1 Codon produces Tryptophan: UGG (bottom left left).


2 Codons produce Tyrosine:

UAU (bottom top bottom), and UAC (bottom top right).


4 Codons produce Valine:

GUA (left bottom top), GUU (left bottom bottom), GUG (left bottom left), and GUC (left bottom right).


3 Codons produce the STOP command:

UAA (bottom top top), UAG (bottom top left), and UGA (bottom left top)

Since in DNA there are no spaces or punctuation, there is this "Letter" which indicates the end of a Word, or Amino Acid Chain.

In conclusion, if you are planning to memorize these Letters, or to use them for a magical purpose, I suggest tracing each of the Codon-sigils which comprise the Letter on top of one another so that the meaning of the Letter is clear, rather than simply drawing the Letter as it appears.

Further, once you have memorized the act of writing these Letters in this way, you will have also memorized the Language of All Life.

  The Word Becomes Flesh,

If you would like to print these out, Click Here to see them with a white background with the grid showing how they are each positioned within their squares, and Click Here to see them on a white background without the grid.

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