Episode 98:
Yamanote Poetry

[00:23:54]  January 5th, 2017

Gwydion recites his 2016 Poetry: Fistie, Familiar, Flaming Meu, In N Out, Deep Russian, Aspiration, When A Jig-Saw, A Stringanon, Double Dildo, One-Way Hare, Well There, Sonny..., X Mas Thyme, Measureworth, Fridays, Ah 20, Timeshare, Sad About The, Weaveltwoot, Hoo Can Say, Foreskin Congress, Post Human, Hardwired, Holy Boredom, A Thousand Year Onion, Spacialize, Eggalints, Thoughtso, and Letzoll while the music of the Yamanote goes 'round and 'round.

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