In October of 2007, Edward Reib bought a Canon Mini-DV Camcorder and began making movies for YouTube. First, they were mostly music videos of the Downtown L.A. Monthly Artwalks under the pseudonym "Gwydion." Then, he made Music Videos for three of his musician friends. In addition, he made many strange, silly, and/or abstract videos, a few of which you can find on a playlist called "Cerebral Cement Noir."

More recently, Edward began taking all of his cell-phone video footage, and the few seconds of video from each of the "live photographs" taken with his iPhone, and editing them into a series covering his travels beginning in November of 2017.

Edward Reib's "Travels" Series

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Also, there are some video-recitals and other material related to Edward Reib's published books, "Thomas and The Wolf," "The Small Grey Mouse and other short stories," "Smaller Mouse," "Taco," "y Burrito," and "Sonnet1."


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