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In 1986, I think, my dad asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I replied, "I want to be a writer."

Over the years, I did write. I wrote a lot. Then, in July of 2021, I finally published something. In the months which followed, I compiled everything else that I'd written, or most of it, and released it in 2 short story compilations and 2 poetry compilations. In addition, I published my dad's unpublished book which he wrote in 1976, and published a compilation of a few thousand sonnets written by a computer program I wrote.

If you would like to read more about these books, and perhaps purchase one or two of them, CLICK HERE.

The following are videos I've recorded in which I either recite portions of or talk about these works. Also, my computer program (this will only make sense if you've seen Tron 1982) recites some of his poetry as well.

"Thomas and The Wolf"

The video I recorded on the day my first book,
"Thomas and The Wolf," was published:

My recital of the first chapter of Thomas and The Wolf:

My recital of the second chapter of "Thomas and The Wolf":

Exerpt from an interview about "Thomas and The Wolf":

The Small Grey Mouse
and other short stories

My recital of the first short story in "The Small Grey Mouse":

Smaller Mouse

My recital of the first short story in "Smaller Mouse":

and other poems

A playlist of several selected poems from "Taco":

y Burrito

A playlist of several selected poems from "y Burrito":

by Sonnet1

A playlist of several selected sonnets from "Sonnet1"
as recited by Sonnet1:

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