The Multiverse Cartographer

"The Multiverse Cartographer" title generally refers to the original Multiverse Cartographer, Charles Reuben. However, more recently, it has become a title shared by many others who follow in his footsteps.

It is also the title of a book. The book started out as a journal which Charles Reuben kept while traveling from universe to universe, with particular emphasis on a universe in which Henry the 9th lived to be an old man. As a result, the future looked very different than the one that we are used to. For example, in 1947, Elizabeth Windsor owned a casino, and the aliens had a smooth and successful landing at Roswell.

On the other hand, in our universe, "The Multiverse Cartographer" is a science fiction book. It is about Charles Reuben and that other universe, as well as The Interdimensional Coffeehouse, its ancient omniscient barista Clara, a revolutionary heroine named Blythe C. Elbakyan, an evil Anglo-princess named Lucy, and a lot of other interesting characters.

Edward Reib teamed up with author Joseph Zabinski to create this mind-bending Sci-Fi adventure through dimensions and time, revealing the elaborate back-story behind many of the short stories "The Small Grey Mouse" and "Smaller Mouse," where The New World Empire and The Interdimensional Coffeehouse were first mentioned in the literature of our universe.

Here is a video podcast of my recitals and commentaries
of each chapter of The Multiverse Cartographer:

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