"The New World Empire & The Interdimensional Coffeehouse" is best approached as a collection of short stories. At a certain point, some of the stories, characters, and events will begin to connect.

Originally, there were the two Mouse short story anthologies. Then “The Multiverse Cartographer” (MVC) was released as a companion piece, to help tie together the stories in the Mouse books which take place in The New World Empire (NWE), and The Interdimensional Coffeehouse (IDC).

What ended up happening was people were reading MVC without first reading the Mouse books, then becoming frustrated that there were missing pieces of the story, and that they were expected to go read some of the author’s previous publications.

The fourth section includes some stories that were left out of the Mouse books, whether intentionally or accidently, as well as “The Cutting Room Floor” a few more pieces of NWE that didn’t make it into MVC. “Ruler of the World” was my first short story, written in 1990. “Second Fruit” was the story about Blythe, Charles, and Jobe which I began writing in a coffeeshop in 1997, which I scrapped in 1999 and started over with what became NWE.

IDC was an element of NWE by 2006, then in 2015 it became a spin-off story, in the form of a podcast.

Here is a YouTube playlist of my recitals
and commentaries of each chapter of "The Multiverse
Cartographer," as well as the stories in the
Mouse books related to
"The New World Empire & The Interdimensional Coffeehouse":

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