Smaller Mouse

What does a Holy Psychedelic Motorcycle Gang have in common with a half-Human half-Grey hacker living on Venus?

"Smaller Mouse" by Edward Reib!

"Smaller Mouse" contains 19 short stories written by Edward Reib as early as 1992 and as recently as 2022. Some are dystopian sci-fi, some autobiographical, some absurdist. You'll also see a few of Edward's drawings, digital art, and an acrylic painting.

"Smaller Mouse" is along the same vein as its predecessor, and may even answer some of the unanswered questions which come to mind while reading "The Small Grey Mouse and Other Short Stories."

The stories included in "Smaller Mouse" are:

Larry the Biker,
The Game,
Joe and Lucy,
The Drones,
The Author,
The Armadillo,
The Pac-Man,
Along With Everyone Else,
Mario and Luigi,
The Rectangle,
Palace Three,
& A Guy Named Larry.

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