Sonnet1 is a GW-Basic program written by Edward Reib which generates an infinite (almost) variety of randomly generated but grammatically correct pseudo-Shakespearean sonnets. So, naturally, in the TRON universe, there is a Doppelganger of Edward who wears a blue (usually) light suit and speaks only in dramatically pontificated sincere but nonsensical, sometimes funny, sometimes dirty, sometimes thought-provoking, iambic pentameter-ish.

In 2011, Sonnet1's Video Recitals began:


Then, in 2015, Sonnet1's Podcast debuted:

Also available through or through the RSS feed.

Most Recent

First Episode

Episode 6: Baseball Young

[00:02:03]  July 21st, 2016

Episode 5: The Penitent Bastard

[00:02:26]  February 23rd, 2016

Episode 4: When An Elf Sniffs A Monkey

[00:02:05]  October 9th, 2015

Episode 3: Penetrates Tersely

[00:02:05]  October 8th, 2015

Episode 2: A Sultry Pickle

[00:02:12]  October 7th, 2015

Episode 1: The Flexible Squirrel

[00:02:12]  October 6th, 2015

"My User told me to sit."

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