The Small Grey Mouse
and other short stories

We've searched the skies and combed the Earth, drained the sea, put a camera up an atom, and the single most interesting thing we can find is human consciousness.

Edward Reib's short stories are often fast-paced and ethereal. They often end just when you think it's starting to get going.

"The Small Grey Mouse and other short stories" includes 31 short stories written over a period of about as many years, arranged in a way that tells another story, if you squint a bit. Sometimes they are lucid and intensely personal. Other times, science fiction, but the author is never too far away from the story. Sometimes the protagonist dies, which sometimes goes badly, and other times it goes well. Other times it's all just silly.

So, if you enjoy mind-bending, surreal, multi-dimensional Burroughsian gibberish, then look no further than "The Small Grey Mouse and other short stories."

"In the form of short essays, riddles, haikus, and conversations, the recurring thread brings the reader full circle down the Yellow Brick Road to understanding our very existence, or at least some of the most illuminating ontological theorems I’ve ever read... Reib includes candid life journeys that led him to his conclusions making them even more compelling. This book is true genius, theology converging with physics, including a roadmap of the multiverse, all melding into beautiful harmonious atonement. I’m suspicious that Reib is an alien or has returned to us from the future. In any case, he’s enlightened. It was a privilege to read this book."
- Lorraine Evanoff

The stories included in "The Small Grey Mouse and other short stories" are:

The Small Grey Mouse,
The Last,
The Multiverse Cartographer,
Do You Hear the Colorado River?,
Truth Serum,
Gooey Bubble of Graven Images,
Charles the Grey,
Crossed Wires,
Tiri and Mel,
The Death of Henry,
The Quarter,
Synaptic Orchestra,
The Thoth Parade,
Fred and Dog Biscuit,
The Dice,
The Twelfth String,
The Path of John-Bob,
Our Great Leader,
& Larry The Librarian.

Edward's recital of the first short story, entitled "The Small Grey Mouse" on YouTube:

Edward's recital of the last short story, entitled "Larry the Librarian" on YouTube:

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