Thomas and The Wolf

"The new competition, the new race for space, the new rivalry is to uncreate rivalry. Those who accept this already know it. Those who resist it will create its joy being thrust upon them. Everybody gets to win."

Tom is a young LeftTuber doing his best to balance having a personal life, making the world a better place, and pleasing the demanding YouTube algorithm.

Jacob "The Wolf" Freeman is the unofficial mascot of the alt-right.

"Thomas and The Wolf" by Edward Reib tells the tale of a time these two very different Americans met, what they discovered, and how they became partners in crime.

"The eastern influenced metaphysical basis is refreshing to see as a foundation for such a western setting and language. Rather subversive."
- Craig Tisdale

"One of the rules of writing is to show, not tell, and Reib takes the reader to the metaphysical realm from page one. Even the use of colored text helps guide the reader through the supernal journeys of the wildly entertaining characters. The personages and settings endemic to current-day society lend a refreshing bird’s-eye view of our world that is relatable for all generations."
- Lorraine Evanoff

"Thomas and The Wolf" is part oversimplification of sensitive political issues, and part wish-fulfillment-fantasy, with influences ranging from Salinger's "Teddy" to "Avatar: The Last Air Bender," with just a touch of "The Neverending Story" (the book).

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