by John Dan Reib

"With so many of us here who journey, and with more of us popping through to NOW-awareness every parsec," Edward Reib felt the time was right to publish his late father's magnum opus, "TRANSFORMATIONS"", which he wrote in 1976.

This book evades description. Suffice to say, "TRANSFORMATIONS" is the product of a brilliant man deeply rooted in Eastern and Western Esotericism, after he had recently undergone E.S.T. training. Reflecting on the world around him, from Arcadia California of 1976, he wrote something of a Tao te Ching.

The book reads as though it were a letter, or a series of letters, written to you, the reader. This voice tells intriguing stories of other places, and of this place which he calls "The Fleshplace". He gives friendly advice to the reader, helps them remember things from before, dances and plays with the reader's mind.

In addition, it is divided into chapters and verses, perhaps to make clear that it should be taken with the same reverence, or lack thereof, as sacred scripture.

"Transformations is a remarkable book. Uninitiated readers may mistake it for surrealistic catharsis stream-of-consciousness gibbrish but occultists will read it from an initiated perspective. Chapter One begins: "I saw the rainbow starsky. Not with my earth eyes, with my brainfire that is itself a star." Most of the text is OOBE poetry with occassional returns to "the fleshplace" and Aristotelian logic. The late author John Dan Reib was a friend and colleague in the magical arts. John and I once opened an astral gateway at Giant Rock, in Southern California using an Enochian Watchtower ritual. John was more perceptive of the portal than I was. He was remarkably talanted. He also had a wonderful sense of humor. As Herr Professor he would read Franz Bardon to his freshman English Class in a thick German accent. We will all miss him, but we have his Soul still with us in this wonderful little book."
- Carroll "Poke" Runyon

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