To Africa!
Edward Reib's "Travels" Part 1

16 minutes, 54 seconds
Premiered: 20th March 2021
Filmed: November 2017

Part 1 opens with the pendulum at the Griffith Observatory in Hollywood Hills. After staring at it for about 15 seconds, you start to get an idea how the protagonist feels about having lived in Los Angeles for almost 40 years.

Suddenly, we fly to Africa. First, to the Addis Ababa Airport, then to Limpopo South Africa. There we meet many interesting animals: a peacock, some hogs, a donkey, and eventually some people.

Actually, I went there to visit my friend Kay who runs a very interesting cult/church which includes both Eastern and Western esotericism, but with a Traditional African foundation, The Gnostic Church of the Black Sun. (not to be confused with the "Schwarze Sonne" of post-WW2 Germany)

Some of my favorite parts are toward the end, where rain and thunder pour down on the many onions hanging, beside a garden which uses old tires in place of pots.

If you're left wanting to know more about that time I spent there, you can hear Kay and I talking at length in Esoterinerd #97. If you're curious about the video's main image, and why Buzani and I are posing with a large portrait of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, Esoterinerd #98 should more than satisfy your curiosity.

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