To Nepal!
Edward Reib's "Travels" Part 2

20 minutes, 2 seconds
Premiered: 23rd March 2021
Filmed: December 2017

Part 2 opens at the Dubai Airport, staring at an artistic waterfall display there, as I wait out my nearly 24 hour layover. Then, the bus takes us to our plane, and the plane takes us off of the Arabian Peninsula, and over the sea.

Suddenly, we are in Kathmandu at night. There are strange sounds outside. Then, Ajay Goyal is there to guide us from the Thangka Painting school, to Boudhanath Stupa, Monkey Temple, and back to his home where we meet Robbe and the whole family.

Then, we take a bus on a dirt road very fast through the mountains, on our way to Lumbini, the birthplace of The Buddha. We arrive, and see the plant life and the various temples in the area, including the World Peace Pagoda, where you can hear the monks and nuns chanting and drumming inside.

Then, we sit under a very large Bodhi Tree and meditate for a while. While we do this, we set our phone to record the beautiful Tibetan flags blowing in the breeze, with the palm trees behind. As much as it is relaxing and peaceful, it is also amusing to watch the occasional fellow Pilgrim take selfies not realizing they're being watched by as many people as watch this video, for all time, and unto the ages of ages. (or at least as long as Google exists in some form. Probably till just before the heat death of the Universe, unless they figure a way around that one by then.)

If you'd like to hear a conversation about Thangka painting with Robbe and Ajay Goyal, you can listen to What Would Yeshe Do #4.

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