To Pokhara and Beyond!
Edward Reib's "Travels" Part 3

19 minutes, 1 second
Premiered: 26th March 2021
Filmed: Dec 2017, Jan 2018

Part 3 opens on a boat looking at the surface of Phewa Lake, and on the terrace of Nepalaya Eco Hostel. Carlos and I climb out of the bat cave.

Then, we ("we" meaning I, but you the viewer get to come along with me) return to Kathmandu, arrange all our Buddhist things into a very cluttered shrine in our room at Hotel Horizon, and visit Bhaktapur, and Durbar Square.

We celebrate New Year's Eve, then go on a trek into rural Nepal. We visit Khahare, Biseri, and eventually arrive at Gorkha.

Then, we get a job teaching Yoga at Charak Yoga studio, near Hotel Horizon. Shortly afterward, we meet Taro. What follows is another pendulum swing: Yoga in the morning, booze and music is the evening. Eventually, he returns to Japan and we spend Shivaratri with a Nepali named London, at Pashupatinath Temple.

If you'd like to hear a conversation with Kanchan Thagunna, founder of Charak Yoga, you can listen to To Be A Yogi #35.

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