Annapurna Base Camp
Edward Reib's "Travels" Part 5

23 minutes, 23 seconds
Premiered: 2nd April 2021
Filmed: Feb/Mar 2018

Part 5 opens with the sunrise in Nagarkut. Then, to Shivapuri Nagarjuna National Park, where we see shrines to the local Nāga, and a storm comes while we're in the thick mountain woods, surrounded by prayer flags.

Then, we begin the Annapurna Base Camp trek. We hike through the blooming rhododendrons, past the white horses, to Poon Hill where we watch the sun rise with many others, and the view of the Himalayas.

Then, after the obligatory trek-pass stamping at Chhomrong, we continue up and up, then, down, then back up until we finally arrive at Annapurna Base Camp.

A helicopter comes, the lazy folks taking the easy way up, and I do a bit of Yoga on the astroturf helipad.

On the way back, we turn left, and exit the trek by way of the Jhinu Hot Spring, of course.

To be fully transparent about this one, just after the trek I took a 32 hour bus ride from Pokhara to New Delhi, over mostly dirt road, in a bus with no shocks, so, the computer was badly damaged by the time I got there. Somewhere along the way, all the video I took on the trek was gone, except for what I had already posted on Instagram and Facebook. Thankfully, that included most of the best clips.

As a result of all this, Part 5 of this series is 98% images and that Ken Burns effect on Final Cut, and all the sound in this video was recorded in North Goa, 2021, during the editing process between 4:30 and 6am, with tropical birds and all. The Himalayas don't actually sound like that, though there may be one or two birdsongs of those who migrate or have cousins both here and there.

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