Edward Reib's "Travels" Part 10

12 minutes, 20 seconds
Premiered: 20th May 2021
Filmed: Sept-Nov 2018

We open with B.B King, "Back in L.A." with Robby Strong, PhD, and a cup of coffee, walkin' down Hollywood blvd. With more coffee, we visit Chris. With another coffee, Union Station. Oooh, look! They have a Starbucks there now.

Good, the old bicycle. Riding across ol' Suicide Bridge, Pasadena. Gunna get back in sh- uh-oh we just ate all the food, as Weird Al commanded.

A bit of yoga, but you can see the gluttonous behavior's effect. Anyway, Riders on the Storm brings us from Robby's tortoise to the newly born Small Seal, to Robby and his fire-pit altar, and bookshelf.

"There is no time, only a golden reflection of your own eye."

Next, we explore the Tibet-Nepali statues I brought back with me and shipped while I was living Parts 2 & 3.

Then, with Pat Metheny's Travels, Miso (the dog) and I pack everything dear to me and ship it to India.

Once that mission is accomplished, Robby and I go out to Zorthian's Ranch, then out to Garth's commune in Joshua Tree. Dead Can Dance was there too. Okay, not really, but I edited in some.

The Doors sneak back in at the end, for the Hadley's date-shake.

Then, an acoustic guitar instrumental cover of California Dreamin' takes us through the final stretch of greenery and art and Pasadena and Millard Canyon trail all the way to the waterfall, and we curse the Mamas and the Papas for their musical magic as we wipe a tear from an eye just in time to be either creeped out or inspired by the Bryin Dall bit at the end, with the poo.

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