from Mysore to Thailand

Edward Reib's "Travels" Part 12

7 minutes, 41 seconds
Premiered: 25th Apr 2022
Filmed: Feb 2019-Dec 2021

Part 12 opens as Priyal and I drive away from the resort where we stayed in a small village in Tamil Nadu during our wedding. There are goats, and Depeche Mode.

Then, we arrive in Ooty, in February of 2019, where there are more goats, and also trees, and flowers, and a bird that seems to fit a little too well with Rosenberg Trio's "Latscheben."

Briefly, we see the Raj's palace in Mysore doing some kind of light show. Then, we're back in New Delhi. Priyal begins playing with our new keyboard, and there is some kind of cottony substance raining down rom the trees in the wind. Also, there is the East of Kailash Purple Line station.

White Tiger provides the soundtrack to a dog in Mussoorie, then we visit Ahimsa Sthal, a local Jain place here in New Delhi, for Mahavira's birthday. Suddenly, we're in Nepal, at Disneyland. Didn't know they had a Disneyland? Well, ya learn something every day. I'm pretty sure Disney doesn't know either or, if they do, they haven't put in the effort to have the US take over Nepal so they can enforce their copyright there. Jiminy Cricket sings a bit for us, as we witness a Mickey whose appearance is about as horrifying as Disney's soul.

Then, it's raining in Nepal. Then, we're in Thailand, and it's still raining, and the girl from Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind is singing the La La La song, as it's known. Priyal sees a beach for the first time since infancy, then we're on a boat, and the island from that DiCaprio movie about a beach, where there are many penis statues for some reason.

Then, there are kittens. Then, a column from a Buddhist Temple, and I wonder how it is that I don't have more video footage from those temples. Also, we get to pet and feed milk from a baby bottle to an adult and baby tiger, respectively. Don't worry, they're treated very well and, in fact, would likely be extinct in the region were it not for the place that keeps them captive there, according to the brochure. Then, in February, then March, of 2020, we are in Mysore.

Then there was Covid. Six Months in lockdown in New Delhi. Then, we shifted to Goa, for 17 months, while Pink Floyd provided an existential crisis.

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