Edward Reib's "Travels" Part 14

11 minutes, 26 seconds
Premiered: 26th June 2022
Filmed: June 2022

Part 14 opens with the statues of the Traditional Hatha Sun Salutations at Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport, Terminal 3, as a version of Pat Metheny's "Farmer's Trust" which was performed live, and isn't therefore blocked from use, begins to play.

Soon, we are on the people-mover... thing, looking out the window. Then, on the airplane, then taking off. Then, we are in the sky, between two layers of cloud.

Suddenly, we are standing on either side of a Kathakali dancer reminding us to wear our masks and all that, and we see the Indian flag at night.

Then we see some B-Roll from Edward Reib's "Buddhist Books" Podcast episode 75, TIPIṬAKA - Part 14: Suttavibhaṅga, Pārājika III, then the ocean. Priyal and I pose for the camera, and on our way back to our room we stop for tea.

At one point, we pull over, and I get out and walk to the middle of a bridge in the rain to see a river and a black buffalo.

Then, as abruptly as Vasco da Gama's appearance in Kerala was in the first place, the marker marking the spot where he, the first European explorer, arrived at Kappad Beach in 1498 fades in along with the soundtrack to the old silent movie "Nosferatu." As the music builds up to a crescendo, 4 or 5 of those giant metal Catholicism Pillars they build in front of their churches here for some reason are shown alternating as we rise up toward the Holy See keys of Peter and all, and as abruptly as it started it ends and we are back in old Kerala with Pat Metheny again.

Things are back to normal, Priyal walks up a small road and poses for the camera, and there are trees and - what's that? Oh, never mind, it was probably nothing. Some more trees and okay that was definitely a red flag with a sickle and a hammer and the old Soviet National Anthem playing but... it seems to have gone away. Over by the water, we find ourselves Holy Crap... there it is again... wow, that's a lot of Communism. Is it over yet? No... is there a story there? Yes, and by all means you should read all about the CPI and CPI(M) on Wikipedia after you finish this video.

Is that Che? Okay, it's gone now. We're back to ol' Pat Metheny. Oh hey, look! It's some Hindu things. And we're done.

Seems like I left something out. Oh well, it's probably nothing. Or is it? Surprise!

("Bol Hu" by Hadiya Hashmi and Soch the Band plays during the surprise.)

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