Between the Snaps
Edward Reib's "Travels" Part 17

34 minutes, 22 seconds
Premiered: 20th May 2023
Filmed: May 2023

In the first minute of Tipikata Part 95, Edward snaps and everything changes. This was, of course, a trick of editing, special effects if you will, movie tricks. Edward actually snapped twice.

This video begins with the first snap, when Edward still had long hair and was sitting at his desk in the familiar office/temple in New Delhi. This snap took place in March of 2023. This episode of “Buddhist Books – Behind the Scenes” entitled “Between the Snaps” chronicles what all went on in the two months which followed, before the second snap took place.

First, Edward got a haircut. Then, he began packing, and went to visit the location where the new office/temple would be, in South Goa. After a bit more packing, and the movers coming to collect everything, Edward is suddenly at the New Delhi Airport with his friend Ryan from “Praxis Behind the Obscure” announcing that they, along with Ryan’s friend Sanath, would be spending a week in Darjeeling and Sikkim. Ryan, Sanath, and Edward were all three born in the USA but now permanently reside in South Korea, Tokyo, and India respectively. Also, they all share a strong interest in Buddhism, Tibetan Vajrayana in particular, so most of the video takes the form of a very heartfelt music video tour of all of the Tibetan Buddhist temples they visit, in which they meditate, in Darjeeling and Gangtok Sikkim.

In Khum Monetary there was music playing inside the temple, so Edward asked what it was. A young monk told him it was an album called “Buddhist Incantations 2” and mentioned that they had CDs of said album available for purchase, so he bought one. That is the music you hear during this portion of the video.

Track 1, called “Thubpae Zung,” or “Mantra of Buddha” plays during the footage of their arriving in Darjeeling, as well as Mahakal Temple, and Dali Temple. Track 2, “Chenre Sig Kyi Zuno,” or “The Noble Avelokitesvara” plays during their visit to the Tibetan Refugee Self-Help Centre, as well as Ogyan Kunsang Chokhorling Monastery. Track 5, “Tashi,” or “Good Luck” plays while they visit Laptsa Chorten. Track 3 called “Guru Ghi Zung,” The Prayer to the Padmasambhava plays while they visit Rumtek Monastery (a temple dedicated to HH the 17th Karmapa where HH the 17th Karmapa isn’t allowed to go), as well as the hotel where Ryan, Edward, and Sanath stayed in Gangtok, called Great Eastern Valley Residency.

Then, he returns to Delhi. Ryan sums up his experience of India at the Tibetan Refugee Colony in New Delhi, Majnu-ka-tilla. Then, Edward and Priyal fly from New Delhi to South Goa, and Edward sets up his new office. In the end, you see him sitting at his desk in his new office/temple where, at the very end of the video, he snaps for the second time. Thus, this video is literally “Between the Snaps.”

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