Goin' Goan - Gone
Edward Reib's "Travels" Part 12½

28 Videos
2 hours, 29 minutes, 26 seconds [total]
Filmed: Jun 2021 to Present Day

During the Covid times, Priyal and Edward lived in North Goa for 15 months. After 10 months, they began shooting, editing, and uploading videos to a new YouTube channel called "Goin' Goan - Gone."

At the end of December, 2021, they moved back to New Delhi, and in July of 2022 Edward decided to include the whole 23 video series as "Part ½" of the "Travels" series.

At that time, there were 23 Goin' Goan Gone videos, called: "Goin' Goan," "Rainy Day in Calangute," "Aguada Fort & Penha de França," "Goa Rain," "Waters of Goa," "a Rainy morning in Goa," "Goan for a Drive," "Rain Sounds, Tropical India," "Goan Bike Paths," "Beach Dogs of Goa," "Sea, Rain, and Vegetables of Goa," "Lazy Rainy Day North Goa," "Where the Mondovi River meets the Arabian Sea," "Reis Magos," "Goan Snake Taking a Bath," "Goan Outside," "Goan Far Afield," "Goan Out for Chai," "Green Goa," "ABSOLUT Goa," "Goan Equinox," "Goan to the Sea," and "Anjuna Goa."

Later, in 2022, they spend some time in South Goa, getting to know different parts. During this time two videos were added: "South Goa," and "Goan to the Sea II."

In 2023, they decided to shift to South Goa. "Goin back to Goa" was shot during the time we were finding our new place, and the videos added since we shifted are: "Rainy Night in Majorda," "South Goa," and "Goa, the Return."

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