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Episode 49: Joe Shantz

[02:15:43]  March 19th, 2016

BT recites the definition of "Confront" for the Tech Support segment, discusses Video Games, Golden Dawn, Trump supporters (and other cults), India, and Video Games with Joe Shantz, then closes with a piece from 23 BC.

Episode 48: Sal Santoro

[01:23:58]  March 15th, 2016

BT recites highlights from The Golden Dawn Requiem for The REAL Rosenkreuz Orden segment, then discusses Healing through S&M, Golden Dawn and Crowley, Satanism, Buddhism, David Bowie's shout-out to Wiccans, and BT's mom with Salvatore Santoro AKA Sir Nik Satanas.

Episode 47: Enochian Chess

[00:54:36]  March 14th, 2016

BT announces the release of Deck 6 of the David Bowie Oracle Cards, then interviews Jason Augustus Newcomb about his recent excellent Enochian Chess Ad and other related things.

Episode 46: Walter Winston O'Neil

[01:26:05]  March 13th, 2016

BT recites Chapter 1 Verses 10 and 11 for the segment TRANSFORMATIONS and Footnotes then discusses D.M.T. and Wizardry with Walter Winston O'Neil and Wizard Garber.

Episode 45: Soror Aatenku Akunsekhet

[01:53:57]  March 7th, 2016

BT takes us up through the Path of Tav into our Temple in Yesod, then discusses Golden Dawn, Crowley, Near-Death Experiences, and all kinds of things with Laurie Romano.

Episode 44: Andrew Da Passano 3

[01:14:50]  March 3rd, 2016

BT introduces Teilhard de Chardin and the Noosphere in a new segment called "Cool-Assed Jesuits I Have Known," then interviews Hart Williams about Andrew AKA Andrea AKA Endré da Passano.

Episode 43: Saving Shawn

[00:11:02]  February 25th, 2016

BT briefly introduces his old friend Jeremiah Krieger and they discuss Saving Shawn, as well as their upcoming interview regarding the Tree of Life, Taoist Alchemy, and Chinese Medicine.

Episode 42: Gilla Nissan

[02:07:12]  March 26th, 2016

BT recites Chapter 1 Verse 9 for the segment TRANSFORMATIONS and Footnotes then discusses the Universal Teachings to be found in the Hebrew letters, the teachings of Gurdjieff, the Constantinian origins of Anti-Semitism, and many other things with his Hebrew Teacher, Gilla Nissan, and her friend Michal.

Episode 41: Theoricus Poker

[01:07:34]  February 12th, 2016

BT and Dru play Theoricus Poker, with a little help from the David Bowie Oracle Cards.

Episode 40: To Be A Yogi
[01:18:27]  February 8th, 2016

BT announces his role at the first annual Bhavasfest Yoga Festival in Kernville California, then plays highlights from The Esoterinerd's sister-podcast, To Be A Yogi.

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