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Episode 69: Yoga Magick

[02:12:13]  July 5th, 2016

BT recites Chapter 2, Verses 1 through 3, for the segment "TRANSFORMATIONS and Footnotes" then discusses Yoga, Magick, YogaMagic, Exorcism, and Mustaches with Katherine Russ AKA Yogini Katherine Yoga Mayi at YogaMagick.com.

Episode 68: Morning Rituals

[00:18:08]  June 29th, 2016

My somewhat daily Facebook streaming of Morning Rituals came out particularly nicely this morning, so I thought I'd share it on here. The audio isn't great, though. Namaste et LVX.

Episode 67: Frater Barrabbas

[02:02:33]  June 21st, 2016

BT reads a bit more of The Fama for The REAL Rosenkreuz Orden segment, recites the next bit of The Secret of the Golden Flower, then he and Joe Shantz discuss Magic and Witchcraft with Frater Barrabbas.

Episode 66: Astral-Projection Man!

[00:09:36]  June 18th, 2016

Introducting Esoterinerd Shorts! BT answers a question about Astral Projection.

Episode 65: Solis Invictus

[01:41:21]  June 14th, 2016

BT recites the beginning of The Secret of the Golden Flower for a new segment of the same name, then discusses Christian cults, Pagan cults and covens, cult-deprogramming with psychedelics, and divination with Highland Park local Solis Invictus AKA Solis Occultus.

Episode 64: Orlando Requiem

[01:09:14]  June 12th, 2016

For anyone who would like to participate vicariously or on whatever level, here is the Golden Dawn Requiem and Rosary I performed today for the victims of violence in Orlando, Africa, Paris, and everywhere else recently.

Episode 63: Marina Smetanina

[01:22:00]  June 7th, 2016

BT finishes Chapter 1, reciting Verses 20 through 22, for the segment "TRANSFORMATIONS and Footnotes" then he and Mary Delioussina interview Marina Smetanina about life in Soviet Russia in the '60s & '70s, Reiki, Prahnic Healing, and Russian Orthodox iconography.

Episode 62: Courtney Aura Freeman

[02:00:39]  May 10th, 2016

BT takes us up the path of Shin for the segment From Station To Station, then he and Joe Shantz discuss invoking Jupiter and some other things with Courtney Aura Freeman.

Episode 61: Ben Tiphareth

[01:18:51]  May 3rd, 2016

Anonymous interviews VH Frater Ben Tiphareth regarding the Qlippothic Tree, The Esoteric Titles of the Major Arcana, Golden Dawn, Astrum Argentum, Paul Foster Case, Yoga, and a few other related topics.

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