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Episode 79: Sun Segments

[00:52:08]  February 2nd, 2017

BT recites The Meditation On ר‎ from The Book Of Tokens for the segment אבּבגדה, then leads a guided Pathworking up the Path of ר‎ to establish a Temple in Hod for the segment From Station To Station.

Episode 78: Transformations 2:10-15

[00:12:03]  December 19th, 2016

BT recites Chapter 2, Verses 10 through 15, for the segment TRANSFORMATIONS and Footnotes.

Episode 77: Further, Ananda.

[02:13:42]  November 22nd, 2016

BT recites Volume 8 of Śūraṅgama Sūtra.

Episode 76: Djin Aquarian

[01:17:11]  September 15th, 2016

BT recites Chapter 2, Verses 7 through 9, for the segment TRANSFORMATIONS and Footnotes then he and Silence Aquarian discuss The Source Family, Father Yod, Yogi Bhajan, Essenes, Pythagorians, Thoth the Atlantean, Builders of the Adytum, and The Age of Aquarius with Djin Aquarian of Ya Ho Wha 13.

Episode 75: Adam Yasmin

[01:18:29]  September 2nd, 2016

BT, Joe Shantz, and our new co-host Matt Morter discuss the Alchemy of Chinese Tea Ceremonies, Hafiz and the Sufis, Mindfulness, George Carlin, The Occupy Movement, and Jimmy Bleyer's Temple Of Visions with Adam Yasmin.

Episode 74: The Middle Pillar

[00:12:59]  August 27th, 2016

BT leads a Middle Pillar Ritual at The L.A. Sanctuary.

Episode 73: Ritual S-2

[00:40:42]  August 20th, 2016

BT performs Ritual S-2, more or less.

Episode 72: Vault Colors

[00:11:08]  August 19th, 2016

Esoterinerd Short #2: BT answers a question about painting Vault Walls.

Episode 71: Ritual S-4

[00:40:57]  August 11th, 2016

BT performs Ritual S-4, invoking "The Shekinah of Sanjusangendo" and her 28 Fierce Guardians.

Shekinah: (שכינה‎‎) meaning "dwelling" or "settling" denotes the dwelling or settling of the divine presence and feminine aspect of God. It is first encountered in Rabbinic literature.

Sanjūsangendō: (三十三間堂) meaning "hall with thirty three spaces between columns" is a Buddhist temple in Kyoto, Japan. It contains one thousand life-size statues of the Thousand Armed Kannon which stand on both the right and left sides of a large statue of Shakyamuni Buddha, all guarded by the 28 guardian deities which have their origins in Sanskrit texts of Hinduism.

Episode 70: on Politics and Magick

[01:04:20]  July 8th, 2016

BT recites Chapter 2, Verses 4 through 6, for the segment "TRANSFORMATIONS and Footnotes" then discusses Systemic Racism, Politics, Thelema, Wicca, and the Occult Community in general, as well as the meaning of "The Great Work" with Ella Jensen AKA Soror AJMNS of Sweden. She is the host of a Podcast called Stooping Starlight, which is focused on promoting the female voices of Thelema.

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