Episode 108: Edward C. Reib
[01:58:08]  September 17th, 2021

We open with BT reciting Chapter 5 verses 10 through 17 of his dad's book for the segment TRANSFORMATIONS and Footnotes. Then, VH Frater RC invited VH Frater BT (AKA Edward C. Reib) to give a lecture to his students in Hermetic Mystery School. Edward gives a lecture called "U1: Inspiration, Imagination, and Creativity" in which he recites portions from David Lynch's Catching The Big Fish, and U1 from the RR et ET, or the Inner Order teachings of the Golden Dawn. As it is said, we are made in the image of the Creator(s). It follows, then, that we also are creators by nature, provided we have not cluttered our minds with too much junk, and not enough inner-work and landscaping.

BT/Edward also talks about the inspiration which led to each of his recent publications: Thomas and The Wolf, The Small Grey Mouse, Taco and Sonnet1, as well as his dad's book TRANSFORMATIONS.

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