Episode 115: Aghori Self-Initiation
[03:40:50]  January 22nd, 2022

BT recites Chapter 6 verses 1 through 6 for the segment TRANSFORMATIONS and Footnotes, then he and Amandeep Singh of The Violet Flames discuss the essense, meaning, and rituals of Aghor, Vajrayana Buddhism, John Dan Reib and "Transformations," Amandeep's "The Game of Primal Forces," Osho, HP Lovecraft, BT's "Thomas and The Wolf" and "The Small Grey Mouse," the spiritual significance of The Interdimensional Coffeehouse, Kailash and other sacred mountains, Sikhism, Guru Nanak, Guru Govind Singh, and an ancient Aghori Self-Initiation ritual.

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