Episode 120: Mathers' Ring
[11:53:53]  September 21st, 2022

BT recites a portion of the Confessio Fraternitatis for The REAL Rosenkreuz Orden segment, then interviews Mark Williams regarding building relationships with spirits, Frater RC on theology and DMT, Joe Zabinski about DigiTalisman and paths of illumination, Eric V Sisco regarding the Golden Dawn and the higher grades of the RR et AC, Robby Strong PhD on activism and the role of the Hierus, Frater VMP about Marian apparitions and healing, Frater Mercurio regarding Rosicrucians of Renaissance Europe, Victorian England, and today, Soror CMU on spiritual groups, solo work, and syncretisation, Eli Cohen on cult survival, music, and magic, and Frater IC regarding Dzogchen, Hermeticism, and near-death-experience.

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