Episode 77: Further, Ananda.
[02:13:42]  November 22nd, 2016

BT recites Volume 8 of 大佛頂首楞嚴經, Śūraṅgama Sūtra:

This is the one where The Buddha explains all of the different ways that an aspirant can fall for delusions of already having achieved enlightenment, and how certain demons can then manipulate such individuals into becoming some of the worst kinds of false gurus. It also outlines how, through subtle and secret desires, sincere students can magnetically attract these demon-possessed false gurus.

I added music to make it a bit more fun. I'm certain that if you give this one your time, it will be a good experience that may even change your life for the better.

"At that time, the Tathagata was preparing to leave the Dharma-seat. From the lion throne, he extended his hand and placed it on a small table wrought of the seven precious things. But then he turned his body, which was the color of purple-golden mountains, and leaned back, saying to everyone in the assembly and to Ananda: Those of you with More to Learn, those Enlightened by Conditions, and those who are Hearers have now turned your minds to pursue the attainment of supreme Bodhi—the unsurpassed, wonderful enlightenment. I have already taught you the true method of cultivation.

"You are still not aware of the subtle demonic events that can occur when you cultivate Shamatha and Vipashyana. If you cannot recognize a demonic state when it appears, it is because the cleansing of your mind has not been proper. You will then be engulfed by deviant views..."

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