y Burrito

"y Burrito" is a collection of Edward's poetry written from 1992 till 2022.

"y Burrito" is a sort of sequel to "Taco." It is better to read "Taco" first, as important parts of "y Burrito" will be confusing otherwise. It includes some written before the earliest poems in "Taco." Then there are the "Taco" B-Sides, for those who remember vinyl. After publishing "Taco," Edward discovered many additional poems that he had forgotten that he had written. Some ingredients that fell out of the "Taco," as it were, so he scooped them up and put them in "y Burrito."

"Taco" ended in 2017, when Edward had just sold everything and bought a one-way ticket to Nepal.

"y Burrito" picks up where "Taco" leaves off, and brings us up to 2022, where he lives with his wife Priyal in New Delhi, India.

The first poem in this book was written in April of 1992, and the last poem was written in April of 2022. So, together, "Taco" and "y Burrito" are the compilation of 30 years of one eccentric man's poetry.

Here is a YouTube Playlist of several selected poems included
in "y Burrito" as recited by Edward:

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