Edward Reib began his Yogic journey at a very young age. His dad, John Dan Reib, taught him a Tibetan Buddhist form of Meditation involving Chanting and Pranayama.

Later, after working for 10 years in the Entertainment Industry sitting at a desk, Edward began to realize he was not satisfied with the direction of his life. He wanted to pursue his Spiritual Path full time. To help fascilitate this, it became clear to him that he wanted to change tracks entirely, and to become a full time Yoga Teacher.

So, he received his 200-hour Yoga Teacher training in April of 2014 through the Mukti School. Mukti is a Sanskrit word meaning "Inner Liberation". Mukti Yoga is a style developed and refined by Julie Rader. It carries notes of the Vinyasa Flow style of the West, but, in homage to Julie's rich training with Swami Janakananda and Swami Satyananda, goes well beyond the popular "Power Vinyasa Yoga" style.

During the summer of 2014, Edward taught the Morning Flow at KLG Spa & Sports in K-Town, Los Angeles.

From October of 2014 until October of 2017 Edward taught the Friday evening Power Yoga on Sunset Strip, Hollywood at Crunch Fitness.

During this time, Edward also became a certified teacher of Broga® Yoga (and, yes, that is Yoga for "bros") which he taught at Crunch twice a week for 6 months, in addition to his usual Friday night class.

In August of 2015, Edward began producing and hosting a Podcast called To Be A Yogi for the purpose of bringing the Worldwide Yoga Community together. It includes interviews with Yogis, Yoga Teachers, Authors, and Studio Owners all around the world.

"Our beloved Edward is contributing such high efforts in getting together the widespread high HRD amongst a limited honourable and respected yogis to a single platform who felt the vital need of bringing all these to a single book, an international book, stands worthwhile towards human welfare for all the times, in all the countries. Personally I feel him, our Edward, who is just like Brahmarshi Ved Vyas who, once upon a time thousands and thousands of years back collected thousands of different Veda literature from book and corner of the world, compiled and arranged them (thousands and thousands of verses) by categorizing, hence we have Vedas with us!"

For a few months in the summer of 2017 Edward taught the Heated Morning Flow and Meditation at Stadium Fitness Yoga in Pasadena, California.

Then, in November of 2017, Edward led a workshop including Yoga and some other things in Johannasburg, South Africa at The Gnostic Church of the Black Sun.

In 2017, Edward came to Nepal to visit the birthplace of Lord Buddha, and from December of 2017 till March of 2018 he taught daily classes in Thamel, Kathmandu, at Charak Yoga.

Charak Yoga was established by Kanchan Thagunna, for the purpose of making Yoga accessible to travelers visiting Nepal, as well as to Nepalis.

In 2018, Edward came to India to continue his Buddhist Pilgrimage, and unexpectedly met and fell in love with his now wife Priyal.

In October of 2019, Priyal and Edward received 200-hour Yoga Teacher training from Yogadarshanam in Mysore, India, and in March of 2020 Edward will be returning there to complete his 500-hour training.

The name "Yogadarshanam"refers to "Pathanjali Ashtanga Yogadarshanam" which literally means "Pathanjali's Eight-Limbed Beholding of Yoga" and is one of the Six Orthodox Philosophies of India. Yogadarshanam was established by Master Santosh Kumar, and is dedicated to Teaching Classical Indian Yogic Science without modification.

Priyal and Edward are also currently becoming certified Thai Yoga Bodywork Practitioners, and Trainers, through IMOSHA, or "Inner Mountain Of Sacred Healing Arts", also in Mysore, Karnataka, India.

Just as the Yogic practice of Asana is intended to prepare the Yogi for deep and prolonged meditation, so too is the art of Thai Yoga Bodywork. It is said that Lord Buddha's physician, Jivaka Kumar Bhacha, developed the system for the monks of the original Sangha, back when The Buddha still walked the earth.

IMOSHA was established by Raghu Chandrashekar, and it blends the best of the ancient sciences of Yoga and Acupressure into one immensely powerful healing system.

They will complete their training in April of 2020, at which time they will travel to Chiang Mai, Thailand, for further training.

After this, Priyal and Edward are planning to live a somewhat nomadic life, spending a few months in various places in India teaching Yoga and practicing Thai Yoga Bodywork in Kerala, Goa, Pune, Rishikesh, Bodh Gaya, and elsewhere.

In the future, they have tentative plans to open a Hostel, probably in Rishikesh, called Watermelon Hostel.

It will be a cozy place to stay with Yoga classes, Thai Yoga Bodywork sessions, and even a Thai Yoga Bodywork Practitioners' Training Course.

Visitors and guests can partake in Indian Ayurvedic Cooking classes, and can also have fun playing musical instruments, games, and reading books in our library!

Keep an eye on watermelonhostel.com for further details about this, as it unfolds.

edward.c.reib@gmail.com    •    +91 73031 01569

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