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Every once in a while, there is an episode of Buddhist Books Podcast which doesn't really fit into one of the main "Chapters" or categories.

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Podcast Introduction

[00:23:06]  December 4th, 2022

The date of this introductory episode is December 4th, 2021, so that it will appear in the podcasting platforms before the first episode. However, this introduction was recorded on March 18th, 2024, the third introduction recorded, updated with information about these past two and a half years of Buddhist Books Podcast.

HEART SUTRA (Dōgen's Commentary)

[00:29:34]  March 22nd, 2022

This is a special episode because, rather than being filmed in my office in Delhi, it is filmed in Bodh Gaya with Mahabodhi Temple just behind me.

In today's episode, we briefly jump ahead on the timeline from the early Theravada schools of Buddhism to Master Dogen bringing Soto Chan into Japan in the 13th century and, because of his accent, calling it "Zen." In other words, it was the beginning of what could be called "Japanese Zen."

One of the very few chants that are performed by the Zen Monks of Japan is that of the Hannya Shingyo. Dōgen believed it to be such an beautiful expression of the core and essence of the teachings of Lord Buddha, as well as being short and to the point, that chanting it was as much a tradition in early Zen as it was in Shingon, Tendai, and the various other schools of Japanese Buddhism.

Shobogenzo is a collection of lectures given by Dōgen to the monks of those earliest Zen Monasteries. The second "chapter" of Shobogenzo, in other words the second of his lectures recorded there, is one which he gave in the Temple which would later be known as Kōshōhōrin-ji, in Kyoto, in the summer of 1233 on the subject of The Heart of Great Wisdom Sutra, or Hannya Shingyo. In today's this episode, we'll read this lecture.

Buddhist Books: "Xuan Zang" Reaction & Review

[01:17:01]  August 25th, 2022

In this Special Episode of Edward Reib's "Buddhist Books" Podcast, we'll be joining 7th-century CE Buddhist scholar-monk Xuan Zang on his epic journey from China to India where he studies at Nalanda University in Rajgir, collects over 657 Indian texts, and brings them back with him to China to translate.

"Xuan Zang" is a historical movie produced in 2016. In the introduction to this episode, Edward will review and generally describe the movie, spoiler-free, and try to convince you not to watch this episode but, rather, to go watch the movie. Then, in the second part of this episode, he'll watch and react to highlights of the movie.

Buddhist Books: Fukanzazengi
& One Year Anniversary Episode!

[01:09:12]  December 5th, 2022

This is a special episode in which we'll take a look at the past year of the Buddhist Books Podcast since it began on December 5th, 2021.

I'll also be reciting Eihei Dogen's "Fukanzazengi" or "Universal Recommendation for Sitting Meditation," which he wrote in 1227 CE.

Tipiṭaka Rogues' Gallery

[01:03:05]  June 25th, 2023

To celebrate this 100th Tipitaka episode, Edward quickly summarized the various characters, monks and nuns, who behaved in various ways which resulted in the establishing of the rules of the original Sangha, which could be thought of as a kind of "Tipiṭaka Rogues' Gallery." In this Special Episode, you can see the Tipiṭaka Rogues' Gallery portion of that video without the long introduction or the recital afterward.

Śūraṅgama Sūtra - Volume 8

[02:23:53]  August 10th, 2023

In this Special Episode, I'll be reciting Volume 8 of Śūraṅgama Sūtra.

Śūraṅgama Sūtra is a Mahayana Buddhist scripture which first appeared in 8th century China, though it may have been circulated before that, possibly in India as well.

Volume 8 depicts Lord Buddha warning Ananda and the assembly about subtle demonic states with can occur during meditation, as well as various forms of dysfunctional and abusive guru-disciple relationships which can arise out of unrecognised desire and illusory enlightenment.

This scripture is held in high regard by the Chan and Zen schools of Buddhism, and was translated into Tibetan in the 9th century and included in the canon of Mahayana scriptures studied by Vajrayana Buddhists there as well.

Buddhist Books:
"Kundun" Reaction & Review

[01:11:14]  November 17th, 2023

In this Special Episode of Edward Reib's "Buddhist Books" Podcast, we'll be watching Martin Scorsese's "Kundun," released in 1997.

"Kundun" is a historical bio-pic made in collaboration with His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama. It covers the period starting just before he was discovered as a child until the day he left Tibet, as seen from his point of view.

禅 Zen (2009) - Reaction & Review

[01:35:04]  February 29th, 2024

In this Special Episode of Buddhist Books Podcast, we'll be watching Banmei Takahashi's 2009 film, "Zen."

"Zen" is a historical bio-pic about Zen Master Dogen, who first brought Chan Buddhism from China to Japan, becoming the founder of the first Japanese Zen sect in the early 13th century.

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