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Occasionally, Edward posts a video about the room in which he records, or where he and Priyal are traveling in the long spaces between certain episodes.

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Buddhist Books B-Roll

[00:32:15]  January 25th, 2022

In this very first “Buddhist Books - Behind the Scenes” episode, not yet called “Behind the Scenes” but rather “B-Roll,” Edward gives a tour of his office/temple in Sant Nagar East of Kailash New Delhi, India, as it was in January of 2022.

He had begun setting up to record the 3rd of the “Lotus Sutra” recitals, but in the spur of the moment decided to walk around the room talking into the camera, probably from too close, showing the various Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, and other statues and banners, and some other things, as well as sharing some stories, anecdotes, and memories directly or indirectly related to these items. Since many of these things are visible in the background during the “Buddhist Books Podcast” recitals, here you can get some up close looks and background behind some of these things in the background.

Buddhist Books: Behind the Scenes

[00:01:44]  February 4th, 2022

The second “Buddhist Books – Behind the Scenes” episode, the first to be call “Behind the Scenes,” is very brief. Edward satisfies the curiosity of anyone who might have been wondering what Edward sees from his perspective as he looks toward the camera during these recitals.

Note that he accidently refers to Akshobhya as Ratnasambhava. Ratnasambhava is the yellow Dhyani Buddha, Akshobhya is the blue one. Usually.

JAIN SŪTRAS - Behind the Scenes

[00:16:52]  March 30th, 2022

The third “Buddhist Books – Behind the Scenes” episode is called “JAIN SŪTRAS - Behind the Scenes” and was recorded at the home of Edward’s father-in-law, Narendra, Priyal’s dad, in rural Bihar, India. It was recorded just after having shot, edited, and uploaded the first of the “Jain Sutras” series on “Buddhist Books Podcast” at the same location.

Edward walks around the property and talks about his trip to Bihar, visiting Mahabodhi, Nalanda University, and how he became interested in Jainism and Mahavir’s connection, if any, to Lord Buddha while Edward and Priyal were visiting Veerayatan temple and museum in Rajgir. While Edward is talking, his father-in-law approaches and they take selfies together.

Buddhist Books - Behind the Scenes 2

[00:01:18]  May 22nd, 2022

Between Tipitaka Parts 6 and 7, Priyal and Edward took two weeks off and went to Darjeeling, West Bengal and Gangtok, Sikkim. There is a good deal to learn about these two neighboring mountaintop cities in north-eastern India, but specifically relevant to Buddhist Books is that there are a lot of Tibetan Buddhist temple in both places.

In the fourth “Buddhist Books – Behind the Scenes” episode, Edward checks in briefly from Gangtok Sikkim to share the view from their hotel room. While it is the fourth in the series, its title is “Behind the Scenes 2” as it was the second video to be given that title at the time.

Buddhist Books - Behind the Scenes 3

[00:01:32]  June 18th, 2022

Between Tipitaka Parts 14 and 15, Priyal and Edward traveled to Kerala, India. Edward recorded several “Buddhist Books Podcast” episodes there, but before he did he recorded this brief video as they crossed a bridge above a raging river, surrounded by trees.

Buddhist Books - Behind the Scenes 4

[00:00:44]  January 25th, 2023

Between Tipitaka Parts 89 and 90, Priyal and Edward spent a weekend to Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India. They’d been in New Delhi for 6 months, unable to travel, waiting for the government to call them in on a moment’s notice at some unforeseeable time to complete the process of Edward’s becoming an “Overseas Citizen of India.” After the meeting finally took place, they went to Rishikesh to celebrate, and to remind their brains that there is, indeed, a world outside of New Delhi.

Buddhist Books • Between the Snaps

[00:34:22]  May 20th, 2023

In the first minute of Tipikata Part 95, Edward snaps and everything changes. This was, of course, a trick of editing, special effects if you will, movie tricks. Edward actually snapped twice.

This video begins with the first snap, when Edward still had long hair and was sitting at his desk in the familiar office/temple in New Delhi. This snap took place in March of 2023. This episode of “Buddhist Books – Behind the Scenes” entitled “Between the Snaps” chronicles what all went on in the two months which followed, before the second snap took place.

First, Edward got a haircut. Then, he began packing, and went to visit the location where the new office/temple would be, in South Goa. After a bit more packing, and the movers coming to collect everything, Edward is suddenly at the New Delhi Airport with his friend Ryan from “Praxis Behind the Obscure” announcing that they, along with Ryan’s friend Sanath, would be spending a week in Darjeeling and Sikkim. Ryan, Sanath, and Edward were all three born in the USA but now permanently reside in South Korea, Tokyo, and India respectively. Also, they all share a strong interest in Buddhism, Tibetan Vajrayana in particular, so most of the video takes the form of a very heartfelt music video tour of all of the Tibetan Buddhist temples they visit, in which they meditate, in Darjeeling and Gangtok Sikkim.

In Khum Monetary there was music playing inside the temple, so Edward asked what it was. A young monk told him it was an album called “Buddhist Incantations 2” and mentioned that they had CDs of said album available for purchase, so he bought one. That is the music you hear during this portion of the video.

Track 1, called “Thubpae Zung,” or “Mantra of Buddha” plays during the footage of their arriving in Darjeeling, as well as Mahakal Temple, and Dali Temple. Track 2, “Chenre Sig Kyi Zuno,” or “The Noble Avelokitesvara” plays during their visit to the Tibetan Refugee Self-Help Centre, as well as Ogyan Kunsang Chokhorling Monastery. Track 5, “Tashi,” or “Good Luck” plays while they visit Laptsa Chorten. Track 3 called “Guru Ghi Zung,” The Prayer to the Padmasambhava plays while they visit Rumtek Monastery (a temple dedicated to HH the 17th Karmapa where HH the 17th Karmapa isn’t allowed to go), as well as the hotel where Ryan, Edward, and Sanath stayed in Gangtok, called Great Eastern Valley Residency.

Then, he returns to Delhi. Ryan sums up his experience of India at the Tibetan Refugee Colony in New Delhi, Majnu-ka-tilla. Then, Edward and Priyal fly from New Delhi to South Goa, and Edward sets up his new office. In the end, you see him sitting at his desk in his new office/temple where, at the very end of the video, he snaps for the second time. Thus, this video is literally “Between the Snaps.”

Buddhist Books • Behind the Scenes

[00:14:10]  May 25th, 2023

Settling in to the new Office/Temple in South Goa, India.

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