The Multiverse Cartographer

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The stories of, and the stories behind,
"The New World Empire" and "The Interdimensional Coffeehouse."

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18. "All Heads" & "Blythe & Lucy"
[00:52:08]  April 27th, 2024

In which Edward finishes The Multiverse Cartographer series.

17. "Larry the Librarian"
Analysis & Commentary

[00:33:19]  November 20th, 2023

In which Edward breaks down the various levels of Larry the Librarian.

16. "Larry the Librarian"

[00:17:09]  September 9th, 2023

Pride which leads to emptiness, emptiness which leads to gnosis.

15. "Rosalyn," "William & Lucy,"
and "The Round Table"

[00:30:12]  June 18th, 2023

A glimpse behind the Empire's curtain.

14. Volunteer Surrogate Drone,
and Baggit & Eva

[01:06:29]  May 26th, 2023

Just another yin-yang of infiltration and sabotage.

13. Jerome, The Quarter, The Dice
& The Dice 2

[00:50:17]  March 26th, 2023

Charles Reuben rolls the dice, and the results are unexpected.

12. New Ancient Land & Palace Three

[01:41:49]  March 5th, 2023

How a 27th-century mainstream-underground mystery school accidently led to the creation of Clara.

11. The Drones, Blythe, The Rectangle, Simon & Green Eyes

[01:02:01]  February 18th, 2023

Simon is arrested, and Charles the Grey creates The Coffeehouse.

10. The Creepy Man & The Barista

[00:49:01]  February 11th, 2023

Charles Reuben gets to know Clara, "the omniscient barista."

9. Open House, Mickey, The Lincolns
& Charles the Grey

[01:12:22]  February 6th, 2023

Charles Reuben returns to The Coffeehouse, and Charles the Grey breaks Blythe out of prison.

8. When Universes Collide & The Red Birds

[00:56:44]  January 31st, 2023

Charles Reuben loses his parents, and Blythe gets imprisoned.

7. The Coffeehouse & The Subways

[00:34:13]  January 21st, 2023

Origin stories: young Charles Reuben in The Interdimensional Coffeehouse, and young Blythe in the abondoned Subways under New World Center.

6. Jobe

[00:34:19]  January 15th, 2023

Introducing the Messiah of the Age of Aquarius who's so cool no one's ever heard of him.

5. Doctor Fathom

[00:08:05]  Janaury 13th, 2023

Joe Zabinski recites a tale of the first human to set foot on Venus.

4. Roswell, 1947 & Timelines

[00:35:44]  January 10th, 2023

The ancient story of the common ancestors of all Venusians, and a complete history of "The New World Empire" universe summarized.

3. Ishtar Terra Coniferous Dome

[00:30:20]  January 7th, 2023

Charles Reuben's first trip to "The New World Empire" universe.

2. Trigintasex & Fathoms' Numerals

[00:33:36]  January 3rd, 2023

Introducing Charles Reuben, AKA "The Multiverse Cartographer."

1. for Mrs. Brunke

[00:22:02]  December 25th, 2022

Podcast dedication, mission statement, and highlights from "Second Fruit."

MVC Podcast Introduction

[00:07:22]  December 24th, 2022

First, there was the book. Then, there was the video series. Now... there is the podcast as well.

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