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A more or less Traditional Golden Dawn 5=6 and Buddhist Yoga instructor interviews teachers and fellow students of Esoterica building bridges of communication, mutual respect, and understanding between widely varying schools of thought, from the obscure to the mainstream.

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Episode 131:
Jacob Hoy of The Sacred Charge

[03:06:37]  April 10th, 2024

BT concludes the TRANSFORMATIONS and Footnotes segment, makes a special announcement, then he and Pseudo-Joe Zabinski interview Jacob Hoy of The Sacred Charge Goddess Meditation regarding The Golden Dawn, The Integratron, Hinduism, Buddhism, Ufology, The Law of One, and Piscean Regressionism.

Episode 130:
The Arbatel, Olympic Spirits, and Geomancy

[02:39:44]  November 10th, 2023

BT introduces Chicken Philosophy, then he and Joe Zabinski discuss The Arbatel of Magick, The Olympic Planetary Spirits, and Geomantic Divination.

Episode 129½: The Missing Introduction

[00:50:35]  August 15th, 2023

This is the 40 minutes which were cut out of Episode 129 in which BT and Frater Mercurio talk about the goal of that and the next few episodes over these upcoming weeks.

It's as if we wrote a very clear mission statement in shorthand with terrible handwriting, and then the paper it was written on got wet in the rain. You probably want to skip this episode, if I'm being honest, but if you're super curious about it, and have the patience of a sage, then, well... it's up to you.

Episode 129: Hindu Rosicrucians

[01:31:25]  August 15th, 2023

BT recites chapter 7 verses 5 through 7 for the segment TRANSFORMATIONS and Footnotes, then he and Frater Mercurio interview Kess Frey. This is the first of a series of episodes examining the question: Can a Hindu or Buddhist reconcile their faith with the Rosicrucian/Esoteric Christian paradigm of traditional Golden Dawn adepthood.

Episode 128: Philosophus Frustrations

[02:22:14]  July 10th, 2023

BT recites chapter 7 verses 3 & 4 for the segment TRANSFORMATIONS and Footnotes, then he and Joe Zabinski talk with H Frater MC, Scott from Tacoma. Scott shares his journey in the Golden Dawn egrigore, navigating through the personal alchemy of the grades while in a temple which itself is going through changes.

Episode 127: Tau Siddhartha

[01:16:31]  April 15th, 2023

BT recites Chapter 7 verses 1 & 2 for the segment “TRANSFORMATIONS and Footnotes,” then interviews Tau Siddhartha, AKA Fabius Kay, regarding Traditional African Spirituality in The Democratic Republic of the Congo, and how it relates to Hermeticism, Buddhism, Golden Dawn, the Shemhamforash, Ancient Nordic Spirituality, and The Gnostic Church of the Black Sun, KU HO HU.

Episode 126½: Lexi Eve 2

[02:20:34]  February 15th, 2023

Though I'm listing this as Esoterinerd 126½, this isn't actually an Esoterinerd episode proper but, rather, I was invited as the first guest on Lexi Eve's Occult Youtube channel. Normally, she posts long-form informative essays, but decided to begin interviewing magicians as well.

Episode 126: Tirthankaras

[01:41:09]  February 7th, 2023

BT opens with Chapter 6 verses 16 through 22 for the segment “TRANSFORMATIONS and Footnotes.” Then, in a second simulcast between The Esoterinerd Podcast and Praxis Behind the Obscure, BT and Ryan discuss the Śramaṇa traditions, such as Yoga and Buddhism, with particular emphasis on Jainism. “Tirthankara,” the title of the episode, is Sanskrit for “Ford-makers,” which will make more sense after you hear the episode.

Episode 125: Agustin Reyes 3

[01:28:02]  February 3rd, 2023

AKA "MORE Nondual"

These are some highlights of personal audio correspondences between BT and Agustin Reyes on topics like non-dualism, Zen, Golden Dawn, and philosophy in general.

Episode 124½: Magick Without Fears 83

[03:00:52]  November 4th, 2022

It's the cross-over event of the century! Actually, I went on VH Frater RC's Podcast, and just set up this page here on Esoterinerd calling it Episode 124½ but, in reality, it's MAGICk WITHOUT FEARs (Hermetic Podcast) Episode 83. It's a lot of fun. I even told the whole story about the night I spent in jail.

Episode 124: The DNA Alphabet 2

[00:20:46]  November 2nd, 2022

A special announcement, and apology.

Episode 123: The DNA Alphabet

[00:07:19]  October 13th, 2022

VH Frater BT has a special announcement! He's just published his first book!

There are some who call Latin "The Magician's Language," Hebrew "The Divine Language," and Enochian "The Angelic Language." Well, it is my honor and a privilege to present to you: The Natural Language.

Rather than evolved from Phoenician, or divined by Dee and Kelly, The DNA Alphabet and The Language of Life were written by Time itself, within the alembic of our Mother Earth, long before any human set foot upon Her. If ever there was a language written by the hand of the Vast, Eternal, and Unknowable, this is the one.

Episode 122: Agustin Reyes 2

[02:34:00]  October 5th, 2022

AKA "Nondual" BT introduces a new segment called Suzuki, then interviews Agustin Reyes on topics ranging from linguistics to James Bond, dualism and nondualism, Vajrayana, Greek philosophy, lineage, free will, meditation, compassion, and transcendence.

Episode 121: DigiTalisman

[01:53:43]  September 27th, 2022

BT recites Chapter 6 Verses 7 through 15 for the TRANSFORMATIONS and Footnotes segment, then interviews Joe Zabinski regarding Agrippa, Picatrix, Warnock and other styles of Astrological Talisman Magic, the Mansions of the Moon, Star and Planetary Magic, and how all of these things can be aided and simplified through the use of a App which Joe has created called DigiTalisman.

VH Frater BT's Esoterinerd Podcast

VH Frater BT is a self-described "more or less Traditional Golden Dawn 5=6 and Buddhist Yoga-Instructor". In this Podcast, he interviews teachers and fellow students of Esoterica building bridges of communication, mutual respect, and understanding between widely varying schools of thought, from the obscure to the mainstream.

In addition to a wide variety of guests, there are several recurring segments in the introductions of each episode. These segments include: Tech Support, The REAL Rosenkreuz Orden, Corrections Department, TRANSFORMATIONS and Footnotes, BT's Blog, אבּבגדה, From Station To Station, The Secret of the Golden Flower, Indian Magic, Theoricus Poker, Rainbow Banana-Band Sphere, and GoldenDawnPedia.

"This is an awesome podcast. Frater BT goes easily through the spectrums of a wide variety of paths and traditions with respect and humor. Most people cannot so easily interact with the diversity, he does so with aplomb and grace. Well done!" - Soror AKS


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