Edward Reib was born in Arcadia, California, in 1978. He began writing short stories and poetry at age 12, and never really stopped. He spent his years working for Screen Actors Guild, volunteering with the Missionaries of Charity, and teaching Hermetic Kabbalah.

These days, Edward lives with his wife Priyal in Goa, India. A Yoga Teacher by trade, Edward has written numerous articles for blogs and periodicals, usually on subjects of religion and metaphysics. "Thomas and The Wolf" is his first published book.

"The new competition, the new race for space, the new rivalry is to uncreate rivalry. Those who accept this already know it. Those who resist it will create its joy being thrust upon them. Everybody gets to win."

Tom is a young LeftTuber doing his best to balance having a personal life, making the world a better place, and pleasing the demanding YouTube algorithm.

Jacob "The Wolf" Freeman is the unofficial mascot of the alt-right.

"Thomas and The Wolf" tells the tale of a time these two very different Americans met, what they discovered, and how they became partners in crime.

"The eastern influenced metaphysical basis is refreshing to see as a foundation for such a western setting and language. Rather subversive."

- Craig Tisdale

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After you've finished reading Thomas and The Wolf, if you enjoyed it, might I recommend my dad's book TRANSFORMATIONS which he wrote in 1976.

It can work as a sequel to Thomas and The Wolf, actually, as it will shed light on the character "Samuel" as well as on my own inspiration for writing Thomas and The Wolf in the first place.

TRANSFORMATIONS, for those who've read Thomas and The Wolf, is the closest thing there is in the real world to the leather-bound book in the cubical tent.

"With so many of us here who journey, and with more of us popping through to NOW-awareness every parsec," Edward Reib felt the time was right to publish his late father's magnum opus, TRANSFORMATIONS, which he wrote in 1976.

The book evades description. Small portions of it were used to be the voice of Samuel in the red-letter text of Edward Reib's recent Debut Novella, Thomas and The Wolf.

Suffice to say, TRANSFORMATIONS is the product of a brilliant man deeply rooted in Eastern and Western Esotericism, after he had recently undergone E.S.T. training. Reflecting on the world around him, from Arcadia California of 1976, he wrote something of a Tao te Ching.

The book reads as though it were a letter, or a series of letters, written to you, the reader. This voice tells intriguing stories of other places, and of this place which he calls "The Fleshplace". He gives friendly advice to the reader, helps them remember things from before, dances and plays with the reader's mind.

In addition, it is divided into chapters and verses, perhaps to make clear that it should be taken with the same reverence, or lack thereof, as sacred scripture.

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