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The new competition, the new race for space, the new rivalry is to uncreate rivalry. Those who accept this already know it. Those who resist it will create its joy being thrust upon them. Everybody gets to win."

Edward's first published work, "Thomas and The Wolf," tells the story of a young LeftTuber who sets off on an adventure to find and interview an alternate-universe QAnon Shaman.



A collection of Edward's short stories written between '96 and '21, starting with, "The Small Grey Mouse."

Sequel to "The Small Grey Mouse," more of Edward's short stories written between '92 and '22, starting with, "Mickey."

A deep dive into The New World Empire and Interdimensional Coffeehouse introduced in The Mouse Books.

"The New World Empire & The Interdimensional Coffeehouse" includes all three books in The Trilogy: "The Small Grey Mouse," "Smaller Mouse," and "The Multiverse Carographer."

There is also a fourth section which includes some stories that were left out of the Mouse books, “The Cutting Room Floor” which includes a few pieces of NWE that didn’t make it into MVC, and “Second Fruit,” the original story about Blythe, Charles, and Jobe which I began writing in a coffeeshop in 1997, which I scrapped in 1999 and started over with what became NWE.


Just under 600 pages of Edward's poetry written between 1999 and 2017.

555 more pages of poetry, from '92 to '22, with "Taco" completing 30 years.

Nonsensical sonnets written by a GWBasic computer program called Sonnet1 which Edward wrote.

The second of Sonnet1's poetry compilations.

Written under the name VH Frater BT, a magical approach to understanding The Language of Life.

Written by Edward's dad in 1976, contrasts the Aliveness of Being with the Survival of Ego.

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