In November of 2017, Edward Reib sold everything he owned, gave away everything else, and bought a one-way ticket to South Africa.

Edward Reib's "Travels" Series is entirely made from footage of his travels beginning in November of 2017. In Part 6, April of 2018 "To India!" he met Priyal, and in Part 12, February of 2019, they got married. The "Travels" series continues to this day, as Edward & Priyal travel together.

1: To Africa!

2: To Nepal!

3: To Pokhara and Beyond!

4: Bhutan

5: Annapurna Base Camp

6: India

7: Varanasi & Pune

8: Dharamshala & Rishikesh

9: Shanghai

10: California

11: Back in India

12: Honeymoon, from Mysore to Thailand

12 1⁄2: Goin' Goan - Gone

13: Kasauli, Bihar, Andaman, and Darjeeling

14: Kerala

15: Five Months in Delhi

16: Back to Rishikesh!

17: Between the Snaps

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